Custom Digital Kiosks

Be more efficient with your money! WalkUp Technology’s digital kiosks, kiosk software, and kiosk information systems provide your business with a powerful multi-functional advertising tool. We’ll walk you through everything, step by step, from designing your customized digital kiosk to deploying it along with our user-friendly kiosk software. All along the way we’ll be here to provide you with exceptionally reliable and friendly support to meet your unique business needs – all for a price that fits in your budget!

WalkUp Technology’s digital kiosks can allow you to expand the reach of your brand, providing both your current and prospective customers with a personalized service center, right at their fingertips. With our user-friendly digital kiosk software, you’ll be able to tailor an interactive and informative experience for both current and potential customers. Take advantage of WalkUp’s digital kiosk machines and you’ll, in essence, be gaining an extra customer service representative – all while avoiding the financial and time-related costs associated with training employees!

Instead, you’ll be able to put your business’ best foot forward by having an automated, preset message that will precisely deliver your brand’s message. As with all of WalkUp Technology’s digital display systems, our digital kiosk software gives your business the ability to adapt on the fly, keeping your current and prospective customers up to the minute in the fast paced and competitive modern marketplace. Our user-friendly kiosk software will allow you to effortlessly update the content on your business’ digital kiosk display. This way, you can keep your current and potential customer base informed with your most up to date company information, last second promotional offers, or react to current viral or newsworthy concepts.

Aside from serving as an informative tool, our digital kiosk machines can also help you to capture the attention of your target market while simultaneously interacting and engaging them with your brand. With digital kiosk machines you’ll be able to attract, interact, and stimulate your customer base through a wide variety of unique visual elements including video, live news and web feeds, photo slideshows, touchscreen interaction, and more. Adding to this, our digital kiosk machines allow for your brand to go mobile! We can place your digital kiosk right where you know your target market segment will be. From malls, airports, stadiums, educational institutions, retail environments, and beyond; wherever your customers may be, you can make your brand’s presence visible and felt with Walk Up Technology’s digital kiosk machines and software!